Het JUMP Freerun performance team "Progression" is het leidende parkour en freerunning team in Nederland. Met vele jaren ervaring realiseren wij op maat producten voor onze klanten.  Of het nou om een spectaculaire show gaat of spectaculaire sprongen op film u bent bij ons aan het goede adres. 

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Dag v/d Architectuur Den Haag 4 juni 2016

Posted on: 2016.05.19
Progression A fun project weer worked on last week with some amazing young athletes. Jump atlethe Thyrone Paas Video credits go to Nino Kennis and Rik Vogelaars.
Dag v/d Architectuur Den Haag 4 juni 2016youtube.comJump Freerun op Dag van de Architectuur Den Haag 4 juni 2016 o.a. workshops en spectaculaire demo's Haagse broertjes Pema (9) en Tenz (13) Maalsen, onder lei...

JUMP freerun

Posted on: 2016.03.17
Progression Captain Iglo Commercial

We had the opportunity to work with some amazing people on an awesome idea. Our athletes Thyrone, Justen and Bart got free range access to this epic location. Check out how Captain Iglo gets the bad guys.
JUMP freerunLast week we did some fun stuff in the Port of Rotterdam!
Captain Iglo chasing down some fishstick thieves ;)

Justen Scheffer
Thyrone Paas
Bart van der Linden

Full vid:

Progression Freerunning show safety reports

Posted on: 2015.09.23
Progression We were asked to perform at the presentation of the new safety reports in the Dutch construction. We created this piece in a few hours on the same day as the performance. It was a big mission to finish on time but we are happy with the results.
Choreography by Pieter-Jos van Kampen and Philip van Ees

Athletes: Bart van der Linden, Pedro Salgado and Justen Scheffer.
Progression Freerunning show safety reportsyoutube.comA short show we put together for the release of new safety reports in the Dutch construction market. Choreography: Pieter-Jos van Kampen and Philip van Ees A...