Progression Freerunning - Nieuws

Posted on: 2014.02.21
Progression The last couple of weeks we've been working on a small change in our brand. We felt our website was ready for a 2014 refresh and thus we have been working hard to realize this as soon as possible. We are happy with the result and would love to have your feedback about this new design. What do you think.
Progression Freerunning - Nieuwswww.progression-stunts.nlProgression is een demo en action sports bedrijf dat zich specialiseert in commerciƫle opdrachten. Deze opdrachten variƫren van Demo's, Fotoshoots, Stunt werk etc. U kunt bij Progression terecht voor allerlei verschillende takken van action-sports. Parkour, Freerunning, Stunts, Skaten, Bmx, ...

Progression Showreel 2014

Posted on: 2014.02.14
Progression We are proud to give you our 2014 showreel. We at Progression are all extremely humbled for all the work we've been able to do so far. We hope this is just the beginning of our journey and we will dedicate ourselves to progress even further.

We hope you will enjoy watching everything we've been able to do in the last couple of years and hope you will follow us in the future. Enjoy.
Progression Showreel 2014We are proud to give you our 2014 showreel. We at Progression are all extremely humbled for all the work we've been able to do so far. We hope this is just t...

KPN Santa

Posted on: 2013.12.16

Progression To follow up our Sinterklaas en Zwarte Piet promotions we've been running around with farther Christmas the last couple of days. It looks like the old man still has a few tricks up his sleeve. KPN Activation promo made possible by BrandBase

KPN Winkelactivatie video

Posted on: 2013.12.06
Progression In association with Brandbase we created a short clip for KPN to go with the promo events we are currently doing. We are visiting 20 cities throughout the Netherlands to promote KPN and their winter deals.
112913 KPN winkelactivatie videoVimeo is the home for high-quality videos and the people who love them.

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

Posted on: 2013.12.06
Progression We worked on a little project a few months ago with Ubisoft for the release of the new Assassin's Creed game. Together with cosplayer Rick Boer this little gem of a video was made. Second camera done by Philip van Ees and even a little Cameo was put in the video. Hope you guys enjoy. Sorry no Freerunning in this one guys.
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - An Assassin in Amsterdam #ACAMSTERDAMHe came from the Caribbean to Amsterdam to find his ship. This is the story of Rick Boer as Assassin's Creed IV Black Flags' Edward Kenway, An Assassin in Am...

BROs BEFORE HOs trailer

Posted on: 2013.12.01
Progression Progression member Nino Kennis worked on a feature film this summer that is just about to hit the Dutch cinema's. See him fly through the sky around 02:12. Credits go out to Stuntteam Hammy de Beukelaer
BROs BEFORE HOs trailer5 december 2013 in de bioscoop. Blowen, zuipen en zoveel mogelijk chicks regelen. Dat is het leven van videotheekmedewerker Max (Tim Haars) en zijn geadoptee...

I love Ras TV commercial

Posted on: 2013.10.15
Progression The new Ras Patat commercial has been released. A big project where we had our little part to play. See if you can spot us:
I love Ras TV commercialDoor Backbone Marketing. Een real life cast van freestylers, skaters, 3D kunstenaars en freerunners deelt hun liefde voor RAS in een urban wereld vol fun, po...

Nieuw: next zaterdag

Posted on: 2013.10.15
Progression We worked on a new commercial last month for NRC Next Newspaper. Starring in this commercial is Sam van Rijswijk floating through the air. Check it out to see some nice slow motion moves.
Nieuw: next zaterdagNieuw: next zaterdag De zaterdagkrant die verdiept, inspireert Ć©n tijd bespaart. Ga naar

Skytribe performance at Everybody Dance Now

Posted on: 2013.03.14
Progression Our new show Skytribe premiered on television during the new Dutch dance program: Everybody dance now. We are proud with the result and are happy to be able to show you the result. Enjoy
Progression Skytribe new performance Skytribe was aired on a new Dutch television program . One of the most complicated freerunning performance to this date.

Everybody Dance Now!

Posted on: 2013.02.25
Progression NEWS: Check out Progression this Friday at 8 PM on Dutch television. See how we perform in the new dance program "Everybody Dance Now". We hope you guys will support us on this new series. For all people outside the Netherlands we will try and get a video online as soon as we can.
Everybody Dance Now!www.rtl.nlEverybody Dance Now! Ballroom, breakdance, volksdans en linedance; in het nieuwe RTL 4-programma ā€˜Everybody Dance Nowā€™bindt heel dansend Nederland vanaf vrijdag 22 februari de strijd met elkaar aan. Dan Karaty, Lieke van Lexmond en Jan Kooijman nemen plaats achter de jurydesk en hopen aangenaam ...